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Big 1080p HDTV from LG

April 25, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Word is out that LG Electronics has started shipping their new MW-71PY10 plasma HDTV. The 71-inch 1080p resolution display weighs nearly 200 pounds (plus another 70 if you include the stand).

What does it cost? Well, as the saying goes, “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.” Perhaps it helps to say that the suggested list price is just under $1,000 per diagonal inch. Yes, that works out to a round $70,000, which according to some sources, is about the average annual income for a U.S. family.

From where I sit, rear-projection displays have a distinct advantage when you get up to these large sizes. They weigh less, they have the same resolution, and they are about the same depth as the large plasma or LCD panel when you include the table-top stand. (The fact is that not a lot of people hang their flat panels on the wall; the weight makes it tricky, and then you have the difficult question of how to route the cables.) And perhaps most important of all, rear-projection can cost thousands less.