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SpatiaLight LCoS HDTV Bounces Back?

March 31, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

TheStreet reported yesterday that SpatiaLight’s stock on NASDAQ was up 20% on news that the company has shipped LCoS imagers to LG Electronics and Thinktek Optronics. According to the report, company representatives promised two weeks ago that they would ship 1,000 imagers within 30 days. It’s now two weeks later, and they say that they’ve shipped 350 units, which they say is ahead of their schedule.

Hmmm… they’ve shipped about a third of the promised quantity, and about half of the 30 days is gone. There’s too much New Math in all of this for me. The company apparently expects that they will be able to continue to accelerate production. It’s a bit risky making such public promises, especially after LG made so much news when they cancelled their new rear-projection HDTV models that were to use the SpatiaLight imagers.

It’s hard to know the complete truth of the situation, and harder still to predict where this will lead in the near future. Will SpatiaLight be able to deliver as promised this time (as opposed to previous promises that apparently went unfulfilled)? If SpatiaLight does get it in gear, will another rear-projection model make any difference in the market? Will the LCoS advantages win out over the competing LCD and DLP designs? Nobody ever said that this market would be boring!