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A Big HDTV Screen

March 30, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

On Tuesday, I was in New York City for Panasonic’s consumer electronics product line show. One of the announcements that they made was that before the end of this year, they will start shipping a 1080p plasma display that has a diagonal screen size of 103″. Yes, that’s one hundred and three inches: more than 8.5 feet, and nearly three yards. That’s roughly the same diagonal size as a standard queen size mattress. That’s big.

Panasonic didn’t say what they’ll be charging for this monster, but if you have to ask then… well, you know. It will probably cost as much as a new car (and will be almost as big). The story goes that they made one as a technology demo, just to prove that they could, and started getting orders for them from all over. According to one company executive I spoke with, a lot are headed for homes in “southern California.” I guess that the “O.C.” is not so over-the-top after all.

Not everyone is going to have a half acre of wall on which to display 103″ of television, but it’s an impressive sight if you have the room.