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Gamers Get HDTV

March 22, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Who says that there’s not enough HDTV programming out there? VOOM HD Networks has an HD channel just for gamers. Gameplay HD is available on the DISH Network, and features original programming, coverage of gaming tournaments, and news about the gaming world that include a show produced by CNET Network’s GameSpot.

This leads me to two related points. First, the new PC and console games support high-definition graphics that get more cinematic with each iteration. Many of the hard-core gamers are in the single-male, 20-to-30 demographic, and they have some disposable cash (or available credit) to burn. I expect that these folks are going to be a noticeable factor in the large HD screen market. How soon will we see a display tricked out with gamer-centric decorations, much as Alienware has done for PC cases?

And my other point is narrowcasting is becoming a reality. As the number of channels proliferate — HD and otherwise — we have room in the bandwidth to provide programming for a much smaller audience than the major broadcast networks require. Television is changing right before our eyes!