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Downs and Ups of LCoS HDTV

March 15, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

CORRECTION: I made an error and said it was JVC dropping their LCoS, when in fact it is LG (as I correctly wrote about before). I have fixed this post, and appreciate all the messages from the readers who caught my mistake. Thanks!

Last week, I wrote about LG dropping their new LCoS rear-projection televisions from their line-up. Now Syntax-Brillian has announced an expansion of their business. They are forming a joint venture with Henan Costar Group, a Chinese company, to assemble and sell light engines based on the Syntax-Brillian LCoS technology. They expect to have volume production by July 2006, aiming to produce 300,000 light engines a year.

If this works out, it should be great for Syntax-Brillian. One of the problems with LCoS to date has been the lack of reliable production. If this joint venture works out as planned, then we should see a lot more Syntax-Brillian rear-projection models for sale in this country, and maybe other manufacturers will design the Syntax-Brillian light engine into their products as well.