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HDTV on the BIG Screen

March 13, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Do you want a really big HDTV image? If you’re in Las Vegas this week, maybe you can get into the NEC exhibit at the ShoWest 2006 conference at the Bally’s and Paris Hotels. The company will be showing their STARUS line of projectors. The top of the line unit is capable of displaying an image 49 wide or wider. Oh, and that’s 49 feet, not inches.

These are DLP projectors designed for digital cinema applications. The American movie theater industry has finally started to convert to digital displays in earnest, which promises to make movie distribution faster and easier, and less expensive for the movie studios because they won’t have to create costly film prints. And since the digital data can’t wear out the way film does, you can watch a movie at the end of its run without encountering scratches and splices.

Why should you care about digital cinema cinema if you’re an HDTV fan? Because this also signals the inevitable transition to digital production for “video” entertainment, from the camera right through to the screen, whether it’s a movie theater screen, or a living room display, or a cell phone.