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Another Stumble for LCoS

March 10, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

LCoS is the technology that Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate Technologies has picked as the new gold standard for display quality. The success of Sony’s SXRD rear-projection models certainly indicates that a lot of people agree with him. JVC’s D-ILA and Syntax-Brillian’s LCoS displays also look great.

But the road is not smooth for LCoS technology. Intel made a big noise about entering the field, and then quietly left before the year was out. And now the same internal memo from LG Electronics that mentions the demise of their Blu-ray DVD player also mentions that the company is dropping its two LCoS rear-projection units. The reason is reported as “certain part procurement issues.” A company named SpatiaLight was supplying the LCoS imagers for these sets, so one might reasonably infer that they’re having production problems, either in terms of volume or quality or both.

It’s not uncommon to hit some speed bumps with new technologies like this. I still like LCoS for high-end rear-projection, but recognize that supplies may be limited for some models.