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You Can Be Sure…

March 2, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

…if you can complete this sales slogan that you’re showing your age. The Westinghouse banner in the TV market is being carried by Westinghouse Digital, a company with close ties to Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO), a leading Taiwanese LCD manufacturer. A recent report by a market research firm puts two Westinghouse models in the list of the top five best-selling LCD TVs.

This is another instance where a familiar brand has been placed on a new company’s products, but Westinghouse Digital also appears to have the product range, pricing and distribution to make a splash in the US consumer electronics market. It helps to have a big friend in the playground like CMO, but that alone is not enough to guarantee success.

Westinghouse did show some interesting technology demonstrations at CES 2006 in January, and the company recently announced a partnership with Team Rensi Motorsports to provide LCD displays for the the team’s NASCAR races. It looks as though Texas Instruments isn’t the only one to recognize that the way to Americans’ eyeballs is through their stock cars.