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New DTV Antenna

February 22, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Lacrosse digital TV antennaTerrestrial Digital has released its new Lacrosse digital TV antenna. Designed for mid- to long-range reception — up to 40 miles — and available with an optional signal amplifier, the antenna is designed for multi-directional applications across a 135-degree range. The unit looks like a pair of books stacked one on the other, and is visually much less intrusive than most external digital TV antennas. The unit costs $179 without the amplifier, and $199 with it.

I have not tested this antenna, and do not have an opinion on its functionality one way or the other. I mention the news of its release because it is raises a timely topic. While we still have nearly three years until analog TV broadcasts are turned off, anyone relying on over-the-air (OTA) broadcasts should start to consider switching over to or adding digital TV reception, especially if they are getting an HDTV. HD signals are only available from digital sources, and digital OTA TV is still free. The price of one of these antennas is less than the fees for a few months of most digital cable service, so it could be a low-cost alternative to getting HD content into your home.