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IPTV for Toons

February 17, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Our youngest child is almost a doctor, so it has been a long time since we’ve had Saturday morning cartoons playing at our house. Yet I confess that I’ve always had a fascination with animated programming. As they have progressed from Crusader Rabbit to Yogi Bear to Rug Rats to Digimon, there have been interesting developments in artistic style and content that I think reflect some broader changes in our culture and society. Plus, some cartoons are just cool.

So if you have kids or are a toon fan, you may have already discovered Nickolodeon’s TurboNick site. There’s a lot of content available there, but of most interest to me are the free full-length episodes of many of Nick’s cartoon shows. You can find Sponge Bob segments, or even a “vintage” Ren and Stimpy. One thing I particularly like is that the viewer lets you run in full-screen mode, hiding all the advertisements and other clutter.

Disney has announced that it will be redesigning its Disney Channel site later this spring to offer free full-length episodes of some of its animated programming as well. So if you’re into toons, and have broadband, you can find shows available on the Web.