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HDTV to Go!

February 13, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

A number of sources have reported that Toshiba will start shipping the new Qosmio G30 notebook computer this month. It appears that it will initially ship in Japan, but German sources indicate that it will be sold there with a promotion that includes a pair of FIFA World Cup tickets.

The notebook has a 1,900 by 1,200 pixel 17″ LCD display that can produce 1080p images in native resolution. High resolution displays in a notebook are not that newsworthy; TV tuners are. And the G30 reportedly will have both an analog and a digital TV tuner. It will also have Harman-Kardon speakers, which should be a step above the tiny tin-cans used in most notebooks. 240GB of data storage, dual-core processor, and an nVidia graphics processor make this a powerhouse computer as well as a viable media center for the road.

I’m not sure how big the market will be for a device like this, but that’s what makes this industry so interesting. The G30 represents another data point outside the normal curve of product features, and could mark the sprouting of a whole new branch for digital video products. Will it become the field editing station for HD film production? Or the video equivalent of a “boom box“? I do know that I’d love to get my hands on one, just to play with it for a while. Wouldn’t you?