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HDTV Guide Ships!

February 1, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

To paraphrase the wine ads of many years ago, we will serve no books before their time. But at last, our next publication is ready. As of today, Professor Poor’s Guide to Buying HDTV is available! This ebook is for sale online, and you can download it immediately after buying it. We’re even offering some extra bonuses is if you buy now.

The book is more than 100 pages long (it would be more than 200 pages in a traditional trade paperback layout), and covers all the major display technologies used in HDTV today. It explains how to get the best bang for your buck, and how to easily avoid making the two main mistakes that cause people to return their new HDTVs. The book also includes some information that you won’t find anywhere else: an easy way to determine the right size screen, based on the size of your room and the resolution of the display.

The book comes with a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. And it shows you how you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your next television.