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HDTV: It’s All About Sports!

January 20, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

The Consumer Electronics Association is the group that puts on CES — the Consumer Electronics Show — every January in Las Vegas. And the group just released the results of a study conducted along with the Sports Video Group. The results weren’t earth-shaking, but it’s interesting to see numbers that support the conclusions that many of us had already made.

For example, half the HDTV owners responding to the survey said that they bought their HDTVs primarily to get sports programming. Three out of five HDTV owners said that they were sports fans. Nearly half of the respondents said that the SuperBowl was their favorite sporting event. More than a third of the sports fans who own HDTVs said that they frequently invite friends and family over to watch events together.

There is definitely an upward tick in big screen sales leading up to the SuperBowl. And as I have mentioned before, the Winter Olympics in Turino, Italy and the soccer World Cup in Germany this summer will give sport fans even more reasons to raid the piggy bank and get the big screen of their field of dreams.