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Replay TV Goes Soft

January 5, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Now that TiVo has become a verb in the English language — “I’ll TiVo that show because I have meeting that night.” — the other company that helped launch digital video recording (DVR) is rarely mentioned. As a result, Replay TV has restructured its operations, and is focusing on DVR software instead of hardware.

The company will be bundling its software with Happauge’s WinTV-PVR cards for personal computers. If the move is toward personal computers as a centralized media center for home entertainment, as opposed to individual components for various functions, then Replay TV may be in a good position to capitalize on the technology that it has developed since 1997.

As the options for DVRs increase, including the recording features included with many digital cable services, we may see the verb “TiVo” become more generic and not restricted to a specific product, just as “Kleenex” is often used to refer to facial tissues of any brand.