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Brillian Bundles Tune-Up

December 2, 2005 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Some of you may remember the early days of color TV. There was endless fiddling with the controls; people on the screen seemed to suffer from apoplexy, then jaundice, and then apparent sea sickness as you changed from channel to channel. Fortunately, color fidelity has been solved fairly well (even though engineers still quip that NTSC stands for “Never Twice the Same Color”). But as we move to high-end HDTV displays, we encounter a whole new range of controls and setup procedures that are required to get the optimum performance from your new big screen.

Brillian Corporation has recognized this problem, and they now bundle a free Imaging Science Foundation — ISF — calibration in your home to make sure that your display is giving you the best possible image. A professional, certified calibrator will see what the room lighting conditions are, and will fine-tune the set.

Now, it takes a fairly high-ticket item like a Brillian HDTV to be able to carry the freight for a free in-home calibration, but it does effectively address one of the main reasons that people are not satisfied with their HDTV purchases; the new screen doesn’t look as good as the old one. If you’re buying an HDTV from a retailer that does not offer installation service that includes calibration, you may want to study the manufacturer’s instructions and perhaps get a DVD with test images that you can use to make adjustments on your own. And make sure you write down the original settings or know how to use the factory reset function — if available — so you can start over if things get out of hand on your first attempt.