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See You in Las Vegas?

November 16, 2005 | Author: Ibex Marketing

What are you doing next year? I’m going to the HDTV Business Conference on January 4th, the day before the big Consumer Electronics Show — CES — starts in Las Vegas. It’s put together by Insight Media, and will bring together the top executives from major companies in the HDTV industry. There will be presentations on everything from display technologies to IPTV. I’m especially looking forward to hearing about the latest developments in the battle between HD DVD and BluRay to become the technology for HD movies on discs. Microsoft, Warner Brothers, Toshiba, Intel, HP, and Samsung are just some of the companies that will be presenting. The day should be packed with useful information. If you come to the conference, please be sure to find me and say hi!

If you can’t make it to the conference, you don’t have to worry about missing anything. I’ll post reports here on the highlights of the conference. I expect that between this event and CES, I’ll have weeks of items to tell you about, so stay tuned.