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Plug In to Tune In HDTV

November 4, 2005 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Okay, you’ve got a killer digital TV system set up in your living room, with cable and Internet and a DVR — digital video recorder — with a massive hard drive. But what happens when you go into the kitchen? You can’t enjoy your video assets in the other room.

Oh, but you can. You can set up a wired or wireless home network, but this can be complex and confusing. One company trying to address this problem is Sling Media ( Their Slingbox is designed to let you connect to your video system, even across the Internet if you have a broadband connection at your disposal. The company also has a simple way to connect the Slingbox in your home. SlingLink adapters use HomePlug technology, which lets you plug the devices into a standard AC electrical outlet in your wall. The signals are carried across your home’s electrical wiring. You don’t need to hassle with stringing new wires or configuring wireless networks.

I haven’t tested this product, but HomePlug and similar systems that use your home’s electrical wires to carry data have always struck me as being a reasonable idea. People have been using X10 controllers to turn remote lights on and off over power wires for years, so why not send digital video data as well?