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VOD is Here! Now!

November 3, 2005 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Video on Demand — VOD — is already part of many digital cable packages. But are people using it?

According to Comcast, the company’s customers downloaded and watched 100 million programs. That’s an impressive number, but here’s the punchline; that was just in the month of March this year. And 94% of these shows were delivered at no additional charge beyond the monthly service fee. Fewer than one in ten homes tend to take advantage of this service, which is good because that’s approaching the limit of the number of subscribers who can use the feature at the same time. Comcast is working to triple the capacity.

When you add streaming content and the ability to download and store content for local playback, you don’t need to provide VOD support for all subscribers at the same time. All the same, it is clear that if the new feature catches on faster than the providers can expand capacity, there could be some frustrated viewers out there.