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HP Asks for BluRay Changes

October 26, 2005 | Author: Ibex Marketing

New developments continue in the fight to create the high-definition DVD format, though it appears that we’re still far from being able to name a winner in the blue laser competition. HP had been a backer of BluRay for a long time, but last week, the company went public with its desire that the BluRay design incorporate some features currently included in the HD-DVD version.

Many of these features would make it easier to copy and store data on different drives and types of media. Other features are designed to work more closely with Microsoft Vista, the next version of Windows operating system. Given HP’s strong interest in the IT hardware, it’s little surprise that the company is as concerned with these features as it is with the consumer electronics side of the equation.

The bottom line is that we continue to get heavyweight endorsements for each side, and hints of capitulation or compromise from a few quarters, but no serious signs of either movement towards a reconciliation between the two camps, or an overwhelming advantage by one over other. Don’t hold your breath for a resolution on this one.