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$300 DVD LCD Projector

October 10, 2005 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Okay, it’s not HD. In fact, it’s not even SD (Standard Definition) resolution. But Hasbro has announced the Zoombox, a DVD player with an integrated front projector. It’s intended for kids, and is slated to be available in December for $299. The projector will only have 557 x 234 pixel resolution, which is about half that of Wide VGA and well below even standard television resolution. It is likely based on some inexpensive LCD technology — probably a single full-color panel design — which will probably have relatively poor picture quality. Still, it’s a lot cheaper than a display that can create a good quality image, and may be sufficient for simple gaming and animated movies. It’s close to a toy, however, so don’t expect this to be an inexpensive way to get a large image display. Oh yeah, and it will also play audio CDs.