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Welcome! If you're trying to find out about HDTV, you've come to the right place. If you're confused by all the jargon and acronyms, you'll find straightforward answers that you can understand and use.

If you're worried about making an expensive mistake, you'll find valuable information from an HDTV expert advisor that you can trust. I spent the past 20 years helping millions of readers unravel the mysteries of personal computers, and now I'm ready to help you with your questions about your next television. I'm your independent source for information, and I can help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars when you buy an HDTV. And you'll get a system that will give your family, friends, and you enjoyment for many years to come.

You may find it a challenge to master all the new terms: digital cable, satellite TV, terrestrial digital TV broadcast, DLP, HD DVD, BluRay, and the new IPTV (that some people are calling "next generation TV"). And then there are all the new technologies such as OLEDs and fiber optics. Even the basic questions can be confusing: what is the difference between plasma and LCD, and why should you care?

If you want up-to-the-minute news and developments in HDTV and home entertainment, check out my HDTV Almanac, where I post new entries every weekday. Not only do I tell you what's new, but I also tell you what it all means. You'll get a lot more than just the cut-and-pasted press releases or auto-generated text from other Web pages that you'll find on some HD TV sites. And it's available as an RSS feed so that you can get each new entry sent to you automatically if you want. (If you don't know what an RSS feed is, don't worry. I'll explain that, too; it's really easy to use.)

And maybe you'll help me in my fight against confusion and misinformation about HDTV issues in the press and the industry. Check out our HDTV Truth Patrol There's always been (subtle) mistruths in advertising, but if your product can't stand on its own two feet, our credibility meter starts waivering.

Finally, we recently overhauled our entire provider TV section, namely the services you can get from satellite TV. So, if you're looking to decide between DIRECTV or DISH or aren't quite sure which DVR or plan might be right for you, head on over to our guide... its where we profile the most common issus and questions folks have before they order (go there).

Keep in mind that I'm not going to try to sell you any specific HDTV. My primary goal is that you learn what you need to know in order to make an informed decision, and avoid making an expensive error. I've helped millions of readers with computer issues over the years, and have earned an international reputation for being able to present complex concepts in simple terms that people can understand and use. I'm an expert in the display industry with decades of experience, and I fiercely guard my independence so that I can give you information that you can trust.

So welcome to my HDTV Resource Center. I know that you'll find information here that will help you make your next TV purchase a good choice.

-The Professor

P.S. You'll find information about how you can contact me inside, but here's a link so that you email me directly – – to make it easy for you to write me if you have any questions or comments about this site and its contents.

Featured Reports:

DISH v DIRECTVHow to Choose the Best Satellite Provider (updated) - We recently moved and it was high time to reassess our TV services. Here are the steps I followed to compare the leading satellite TV providers, DIRECTV and DISH Network.
Sat TV Buying GuideSatellite TV Buying Guide - If you're just getting starting with your research or a bit stuck, check out or recommended plans, answers to frequently-asked questions and more...
Hopper v GenieComparison of the Hopper and Genie Systems - Each of these cutting-edge whole-home DVR systems have garnered plenty of praise, but which is right for you? Read on for more details...
[ Spanish version ]
Cable TV AlternativesCable TV Alternatives - From HDTV antennas to internet applications and Chromecast, check out our top 5 ways to slash your cable bills.
DISH PlansDISH Plan Comparison - Interested in DISH but not sure which plan to choose? In this report, we review and rank the most popular DISH packages, including the most valuable promos available to new customers.

HDTV Reviews:

Sharp LC-32LE551USharp LC-32LE551U - This economy-level HDTV has created quite the buzz, primarily for its range of features at a sub $300 price level. Check out our rundown of its key specs and features inside.
Sony Bravia KDL-70W850BSony Bravia KDL-70W850B - At a price tag of around $2,000, this 70-inch unit packs quite a punch. When you factor in picture quality, resolution and built-in features, there's plenty of value here; read on for more...
Samsung UN65F8000 - At the higher end of 65-inch LEDs, this model simply doesn't disappoint. With a sizzling refresh rate and color depth & richness, it's one of our favorite offerings from Samsung.
Sony X930DSony X930D & X940D - Capably producing extremely high-end picture quality and clarity, the X930D/X940D features an impressive mix of 4K, HDR and dynamic backlight technology...

Streaming TV Reviews:

Apple TVApple TV - Apart from the excellent functionality, the most appealing thing about the Apple TV is its pedigree and diversity of features. The small TV-streaming device has really evolved and ironed out most of the kinks from its 1st generation offering (first seen in 2007). One of the biggest improvements of the new Apple TV (released in 2012) is its ability to stream and play 1080p HD movies.
ChromecastChromecast - Google's Chromecast launched back in 2013 and, with every generation, just keeps getting incrementally better. Starting at $29.99, this plug-and-play streaming device is a solid companion for anyone who wants to stream music, movies, television, and games from their mobile devices to their TV. Over the years, Chromecast has also developed and optimized seamless WiFi connectivity, 1080p support and a plethora of apps to extend its impressive capability.
Roku 3Roku 3 (2015 version) - Roku is one of the original TV-streaming devices and even as it continues to compete against Apple, Amazon, and Google, in our opinion, Roku still comes out on top. The Roku 3 (new for 2015) has a few extra features that provides a tangible convenience over its predecessors and other TV-streaming devices. For example, this newer model bundles a remote with voice control, a headphone jack for private listening, one-touch app buttons and interactive games with motion control...
Sling TVSling TV - Since it's worldwide launch in early 2015, Sling TV immediately and permanently revolutionized the streaming TV industry. It was the first true internet-only streaming service that offered a live TV channel line-up comparable to cable and satellite TV's plans...while also including a fair amount of your local channels. Nowadays, there are plenty of new competitors in the online streaming world...

Other Technology:

Selecting an HDTV Antenna - Get an overview of how HDTV antennas work, what to look for and our recommended indoor and outdoor units.


3 Ways Cord Cutters Can Catch NFL Action This Season
Traditionally, one of the biggest downsides of over-the-top and streaming TV (such as Roku, Playstation Vue, etc) has been the lack of live NFL coverage. Most of the NFL broadcasters - such as FOX, ...

Google Nexus Player appears to have yielded to Chromecast
From all reports, it appears the Google Nexus Player has sung its last tune. Having been pulled from most retailer locations a few weeks ago and no longer a...

Best Buy: $10 per Inch for 50" LCD
This is a price that I'm more used to seeing for a plasma screen than an LCD, but Best Buy is currently offering a 50" LCD HDTV for $500. Now, I'll grant you that it is an Insignia model, which is the...

More U.S. Households Rely on TV Broadcasts
In a recent letter to the FCC (as reported by TV Technology), head of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Gordon Smith cited new figures about over-the-air television in the U.S. in support...

Google TV: Round 2
Google TV is back. After an abortive first attempt two years ago, the second generation is getting close to shipping. Both Sony and Vizio have announced network media players based on the Google softw...


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