Your Complete Guide to Satellite HDTV

Learn more about satellite television and how it can works.


By having satellite TV, viewers will always have a choice. They have numerous channels to select from and they can personalize their lineup with an array of premium sports and movie packages. Several satellite TV providers even offer commercial-free music stations. Read More

Streaming Service


DIRECTV NOW is a live streaming, or over-the-top service that provides 120+ live TV channels, premium programming choices and the means to access more than 20,000 On Demand titles. No credit score assessment or annual agreement is needed and you may cancel whenever you want.

Just create a registered account, choose a plan with the plan and premium networks you want, and start watching on a supported internet browser or device. For more information on account creation, please visit DIRECTV NOW website to sign up.

Using DIRECTV NOW, you’ll be able to stream simultaneously on up to two devices. If you cancel during the free trial period, you’re not going to be charged for the plan you chose.

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HDTV Reviews:

Get the latest information on the latest TV options available in the market. Know what to buy and what to expect. Also, get the best pricing and information on TV models available for different TV brands. Make the best and wise move when it comes to getting quality entertainment and quality equipment.

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Latest HDTV News From The Blog

The Best Thanksgiving Television Episodes

Thanksgiving. It’s a time for gratitude, family, football, and increasing your blood pressure. Thanksgiving day is typically filled with a plethora of television spectacles, starting with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. After that, there are usually a handful of NFL games (you can usually count on games featuring the Cowboys, Lions, and Packers). And one of the major networks will usually play a classic Christmas movie, like It’s a Wonderful Life. Those are the mainstays. Then there are a whole host of shows who will produce special Thanksgiving episodes. It’s not uncommon that producers/writers on these shows will want to pull out all
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The “Daily Show” Tree

Jon Stewart is returning to television this weekend. On Saturday, November 18, Stewart will host the Night of Too Many Stars. The comedy special will air on HBO, and will feature a veritable who’s-who of the comedy world. Like with previous iterations of the show, it is a fundraiser for autism education. Stewart left The Daily Show in 2015 after being America’s favorite satirist for 16 years. And technically, he’s been back on television a few times since. Interviewers still seek him out, including former top Obama advisor David Axelrod. For all comedy enthusiasts, Jon Stewart’s legacy and impact is vital. Unlike previous
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Movies Based on TV Shows That Bombed at the Box Office

Right now, the American economy is relatively healthy. More accurately, it’s consistently growing. Of course, these statements are a little general; economic stability varies from industry-to-industry. For example, it’s a great time to be in the appliances/electronics business. On the other hand, Hollywood is experiencing a downturn. That’s not to say the film/TV business is on the verge of collapse or anything. It *is* to say, however, that box office returns are down. Not just a little either; enough that studio executives are reportedly alarmed. Compared to this point in 2016, box office revenue is down 10%. No matter the scale of the
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The Most Watched Series Finales (And How Fans Reacted)

Spring is here. That means flowers. That means picnics in the park. That means the baseball season is throwing out its initial pitches. That also unfortunately means a lot of shows are going on hiatus. For some shows, it’s not a hiatus at all. It’s a final goodbye. In terms of television, April/May is when most shows wrap-up their seasons. May is a particularly important month for networks, as finale season coincides with sweeps, the time when networks set their advertising rates based on the ratings for the month. So if May means it’s starting to warm up outside, the shows are
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