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Welcome to the Content section of the HDTV Resources listings. Here youíll find a variety of links to sites where you can purchase HDTV and digital TV products. I have personally picked each of these listings for this page. I have personally dealt with almost all the companies that youíll find in the HDTV Resources listings, and recommend each one.
TiVo revolutionized television watching, much as Google has changed searching the Web. Both have become verbs; "Did you TiVo last night's show?" There are other personal video recording options, but this is the one that got it all started, and the one against which all others are measured.


 Movielink Generic 125X125 Static

Amazon is the online marketing juggernaut that sells so much more than just books and CDs. The company carries a variety of consumer electronics products, including an assortment of digital video recorders and commercial DVDs.  


Best Buy:
If you know what you want to buy, Best Buy is definitely one of the places youíll want to check for comparison shopping. They have a wide selection of accessories including digital video recorders.


Circuit City:
A broad selection and good prices are reason enough to check with Circuit City when youíre shopping. But the really cool feature is ordering online and then picking up your purchase at the local. No shipping fees, no waiting for the delivery, just the thing for impatient buyers like me.  


Overstock has it all, including a wide variety of TV and home entertainment products, all online. They also carry a lot of refurbished products that can save you tons of money over what youíd pay in a store.

Save Up To 70%  On All TV & Video 
Equipment At Overstock.com!

Tiger Direct:
Their Web site claims that they have more than 50,000 items in stock. Having seen the fat catalogs that they keep sending me, Iím not surprised. And they have some great HDTV deals, both in major brand names and in some lesser-known labels that can offer attractive bargains.  

Tiger Direct HDTV Deals - CLICK HERE!



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